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Patients' Reviews

Straight from their hearts, Dr. Ellen Bunch's patients share their experiences and what they think of her concierge medical family care practice in Prescott, Arizona.

One key thing for us is Dr. Bunch’s warmth, care, and willingness to take the time to discuss our concerns and address them with her expertise, knowledge and suggestions.R. Wiedman, Prescott


Accessibility… I also love the relaxed atmosphere when I have an appointment; the focus is on me and my needs. The office is not packed with others.T.A., Prescott


[I joined Dr. Bunch's practice because of the] “concept of one-on-one medical care by a physician who knows my condition and state of health.O. Parr, Flagstaff


She has been extraordinarily caring & attentive… not to mention fun! Excellent service.J. Frerking, Prescott


I really like Dr. Bunch as my doctor and love the idea of a doctor actually spending time with you.”J. Clark, Prescott


I called from across the country with a medical concern. I had a prompt, caring call on my cell phone giving me advice and directions.J.B. Prescott


I like not being rushed.M.M. Prescott


[I like Dr. Bunch] “…for her affable, caring and patient attitude, and security of knowing someone is there when needed at anytime. I felt reassured and comforted with Dr. Bunch’s ‘handholding’ and expert guidance.C. Wiedman, Prescott


Dr. Bunch’s warmth and personal caring for her patients… excellent.O. Parr, Flagstaff


I was moving to a high deductible insurance with no doctor visit coverage. It made great sense to me. [to join Dr. Ellen Bunch's practice].T.A. Prescott


[I joined Dr. Ellen Bunch's practice because I was] “Tired of rushed, inaccessible doctors.N.N. Prescott


She is warm and understands me. She is a great listener and I trust her.M. F. Barthelemy, Prescott


Thanks for being daring enough to step out of the “norm” and provide a much needed service in the community.J. Frerking, Prescott