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Making the Right Food Choices


choiceI am excited to let you in on a little secret I learned recently. With the obvious exception of regular physical exercise, making the right food choices is extremely critical to a healthy, disease-free lifestyle.

Not so secretly, I began shopping for fresh organic produce at New Frontiers and other organic produce sections at major grocery chains, but sometimes what was available really wasn’t all that fresh.

whipstone-farmThen about 3 months ago, I decided to visit the Farmers Market at Yavapai Community College. The Farmers Market is held every Saturday morning beginning in May and ending sometime in October.

It was there I found truly fresh produce and was particularly intrigued by a program offered through Whipstone Farms in Paulden called Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).

After joining the CSA I thought, “What better way to eat healthfully and help to support your local farms?” If you want to learn more about CSA, you can visit this link. See you at the Farmers Market!