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Dr. Bunch's practice embraces the concept of "retainer-based medicine," also known as "concierge medicine."

Dr. Ellen Bunch is excited to be the only practice in Prescott area to offer her unique style of patient-centered health care.

If you aren't a member yet, schedule your FREE, No-Obligation Initial Meeting today so that you can also experience the comfort and reassurance of Dr. Bunch’s membership-based practice!




next-levelTake Your Medical Care to the Next Level

Are you sick of being rushed through medical appointments? Do you feel like your concerns go unheard?

Fortunately, there is an innovative yet simple alternative.

Board Certified Family Practitioner Ellen F. Bunch, MD offers Prescott-area residents patient-centered healthcare through her private membership practice.




For an AFFORDABLE annual fee, you'll enjoy:

 Highly responsive, personalized care with 24/7 phone and email access
 Same- and next-day appointments for urgent issues
 Care provided at Dr. Bunch’s private, uncrowded office
 Unhurried appointments so you can thoroughly discuss your concerns
 Preventive healthcare plans customized to your individual needs
 And much more

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